State Permit Test

Get behind the wheel

The Permit Test is the written knowledge test which will allow you to start driving if successfully passed. Anyone wishing to purchase a Permit Test only, is welcomed to do so at KG International Driving School for a fee of $30. If you fail the test, you can re-test the same day for an extra fee of $5.

Tests are walk-in services only. Visit us to take your test today.

Service Price
Permit Test $30
Permit Retest $5

Teen Learner Packages

Our permit test is available to everyone. We also offer additional special packages for teen learners aged 14-15, which include the permit test. 

Drivers Basic


3 x 2hr Driving Lessons

30-Hour Online Driving Course

Written Permit Test

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Drivers Awareness Plus


3 x 2hr Driving Lessons

4-Hour Driver's Awareness Course

Written Permit Test

Driver's License Test

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